Work On The Rochford 600 About To Start

From the Echo tonight:

WORK is finally set to start on a mini-town of 600 new homes and a new primary school in Rochford.

Building work on the new homes planned for fields off Hall Road, Rochford, will begin later this month, years after the initial planning application was put in to Rochford District Council.

The council confirmed the work would begin by January 17 at the latest.

Full report here.

We wrote about the application here back in January 2012.

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  • Quote from above statement – “new homes planned for fields” , this is now standard policy from RDC ( except for just two Eco-friendly houses , a token
    ” we uphold the green belt ‘).
    This really needs to become the big issue for the coming May Council members elections – which candidates support erosion of the green belt ? , so that the electorate can make an informed choice. This would put a big dent in the ruling junta – so prospective candidates out there should campaign on this basis to win.

  • This is a memorial to local democracy. Why anyone should ever take part in the Council elections in May is beyond me. Hobsons choice of either the powerless, or those that place no value on representing their voters. Who gets voted in will make no difference whatsoever. This is testament to this surely. The main beneficiaries are those local councilors who will get a career out of the result, which we get to pay for one way or another. There is a term which seems to fit. “Political Fraud”. Surely saying one thing before an election then doing exactly the opposite after the election qualifies. Still, at least it will keep some of the reprobate career politicians off the streets.

  • Zaphod – don’t fall for the not voting , that is exactly what the old order want to maintain their grip , I think people confuse local elections with party loyalties.

    Your local rep should be someone like minded that tries to reflect the electorate he/she represents regardless of party politics – good honest
    decision making.

    I would rather see 39 seats split evenly between half a dozen ‘parties’ then you
    might get reasoned decisions ( not all would please you but on balance a hint of democracy ).

    • Jim, I am long enough in the tooth to realise that local politics is a career for the privileged classes. Why should I vote to keep cloth on the back of someone who just will do what they are told, so they keep their job? I am100% confident that all would put their own interests over that of their voters.

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