Winning And Losing

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Southend Lib Dem Neil Monnery writes here about winning and losing in politics, and why you need a thick skin:

Winning is like a drug and winning is great but with winning comes long-term responsibilities. On the other side of the ledger is losing. Losing is not fun, most people don?t want to lose but losing badly is a different thing altogether. The only time I?ve personally stood I got a battering and in all honesty it was mostly fair. I also knew it was coming and it didn?t effect me one jot….
….May is very much going to be a tale of two stories for the Lib Dems. The vote is going to collapse but yet the number of MPs won?t collapse to anywhere near the same degree. The power of incumbency is going to do well for the party in many places, including some that the bookies have written off as Lib Dem losses.