Wind Turbine Application




The planning application for a domestic wind turbine at Sherbourne (the home in Eastcheap that’s effectively inside Sweyne Park) will come to the planning committee on Thursday November 25th.

The officers are recommending it for approval, and in fact it would already have been passed automatically if Chris Black hadn’t ‘referred it up’ to the committee. We have done this because residents are objecting , and ‘controversial’ applications are supposed to come to the committee . Also because this application is the first one of its type near a residential area, and councillors should thrash this one out, not officers.

Residents are welcome to come along to listen to the debate (the meeting starts in the council chamber , opposite Holy Trinity Church and “Amigos”, at 7.30 on Thursday 25th). However residents (including the applicant) are NOT allowed to speak , which is a real shame in this case because they seem to have some really useful technical knowledge that would help members make a decision.

(As we have mentioned before, the Conservatives won’t allow public speaking at planning meetings)

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