Wind Turbine Application is Passed




The planning application for a domestic wind turbine at Sherbourne (the home in Eastcheap that’s effectively inside Sweyne Park) was passed by the District Council by 18 votes to 8. This was a very difficult application to judge. Ron and Chris both went up the A127 to try to listen to the turbines at the BP Garage near Hornchurch, but they weren’t moving. We also obtained advice from various people.

In the end we felt that if the application was going to be passed, it should be for a temporary permission for five years (with a possibilty of renewal) and with a condition about it being dismantled if it fell into disuse. In the end the council didn’t support us on this and the chairman moved approval, which was then passed 18 – 8. Chris Black, Chris Lumley and Ron Oatham all voted against (June Lumley wasn’t present)

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