Why Social Media Can Be A Trap For Politicians And Campaigners



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Social Media , such as blogs and Facebook, can be a great way of communicating for politicians and political campaigners.

But they can create a big trap. Instead of reaching out to people, and exchanging ideas, you can end up only talking to people with exactly the same views as your own. Anybody with alternative views is criticised and made unwelcome. So the people in the group feel that the majority agree with them – when that’s not the case.

To quote Tristam hunt from the Guardian on Thursday:

?What people say to each other on the internet ? and social media in particular ? rewards strong, polarising opinions and primary coloured politics.

?Far from broadening the mind through access to the greatest library human beings have ever created, people?s experience of the internet is increasingly a narrow online world where anyone who puts their heads above the parapet can be the target of an anonymised digital mob.?

So its important for onlineFOCUS to get a variety of politely expressed views – even if the editors at onlineFOCUS Towers don’t always agree with them. Especially if we don’t agree with them. 😉

This is supported by member of the Welsh Assembly Peter Black who says:

Although I spend a lot of time using social media, I would endorse these views. You need to keep perspective and as politicians we need to get out more and talk to ordinary people.

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  • Could not agree more, most of the people who post on here are just agreeing with each other, very little new or useful information, just the same old moaning….

  • Yep , been thinking about that , in theory the most powerful tool ever but in practice extremely limited impact – thousands of armchair warriors on social media , but only a handful actually “do” anything about it ( whatever issue ).

    At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that 39 Councillor’s have a vote to represent you ( that elected them ) , if they do not reflect your views then the system is pointless ( as a slogan once said ” there is a meeting about
    Apathy at the Town Hall – but I don’t think I will bother to go…..”

  • Not so, I write this reclining on my Chaise longue composing my next post aimed at telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth….armchairs are just so common….

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