Why do Barling and Sutton have a lower life expectancy?





You can now look up the “Health Profile” of nearly every district in the UK here.

The results for Rochford District are quite interesting.
There’s really too much to mention ,but here’s a brief summaryof what the profile says:

  • Rochford has a population of 79000 people in coastal Essex.
  • 1 in 5 people are children, and just over 1 in 5 are older people
  • Only 3 percent are from ethnic minorities
  • About 1 in 9 children live in low income households
  • Rochford is healthier than England overall
  • Both men and women in our district have above average life expectancy
  • Death rates here from heart disease, stroke and smoking are low
  • However deaths from cancer have not decreased in the last 5 years despite a decrease nationally
  • Health inequalities do exist in Rochford.
  • Residents of the healthiest wards can expect to live 7.3 years longer than the most unhealthy wards
  • 12 wards are placed in the “significantly healthier life expectancy” category.

    Running from west to east, they are:

    Downhall and Rawreth
    Rayleigh Central
    Hockley West
    Hockley Central
    Hawkwell West
    Hawkwell North
    Hawkwell South
    Foulness and Great Wakering

    The unhealthiest ward, with an average life expectancy significantly below average, is Barling and Sutton.

    Any ideas why?

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