Who Wants to Build in the Green Belt? – We can tell you!

The District Council is creating a new “Local Plan” . This will determine what land can be used for housing in the next few years. The Council has already decided what sites it wants to be used for housing – most of this land is off Rawreth Lane, which is not something we are pleased about.

But there are a lot of other people – mostly landowners – who would like their land to be used for housing as well. The Council has said “no” this time – but don’t be surprised if these people try again in the future.

Anywhere, here is a fairly complete list of people who suggested extra sites for housing land. (by the way, all these names are in a public document, so there’ s no problem about telling you.)

Some of these landowners may be feeling a little sore that their sites were rejected. After all, when the County Council wanted to build houses on the Park School Sports Pitch, the District Council went so far as to arrange a confidential meeting of the council to agree to it happening.

As always, we?ll look at any planning applications fairly and only judge them on planning issues. Actually, at the moment we are not expecting any planning applications – they probably wouldn’t be made unless the land was first taken out of the Green Belt by the local plan. As we said above, the council doesn’t want that to happen for any of these sites.


Barrett Eastern Counties – Include land at Brays Lane , Ashingdon for housing.


P R Ellaway – include land west of Pudsey Hall Lane either for the current plan or as an extra site if needed.

Great Wakering and Little Wakering

Swan Hill Homes Ltd – land south of Great Wakering should be allocated.

New World Designers – land between 181-193 Little Wakering Road should be used for affordable housing.

Belcham Fisher Smith Trust – land between Whitelands and Devonshire House, Barling Road.

A and W Bentall – land East of Kimberly Road, Great Wakering


David Grew- adjoing Greenacres, Park Gardens Hawkwell.

Magees Nurseries – land north of Rectory Road


Mr Dudley Ball – Land at Westview , Church Road, Hockley should be removed from the Green Belt.

Mr and Mrs Snell – add Greensleeves 57 High Road, Hockley for housing

Westbury Homes – include land at Greensward Lane , Hockley. for housing.

David Grew – rear of Folly Chase, Hockley

Jacquie Hitchcock – land on corner of Greensward lane and Trinity Wood Lane.

Mr Russell – land near junction of Greensward Lane and Harrogate Drive

Mr Hammond – Woodhouse, Woodside Road

Mr TC Harold – land north of Hockley Woods (currently a golf driving range) should become residential.

Bradley Stanker planning – piece of land east of Etheldore Avenue


CWM Farm partnership – land to the South of Pooles Lane

Landowners in Pooles Lane, and Berkeley Homes – 4 homes in the Green belt should become Residential land.


A H Philpot and Sons Ltd – Remove all of the existing sites for housing and replace it with land between Wickford and west of Shotgate Farm

M. A Searles – land at the Yard, Trenders Avenue

CH Carter and Son – land east of Chelmsford Road, either side of Gooses Farm

Rayleigh and Eastwood

Powergen UK – former TXU offices in London Road, Rayleigh should be added to Housing Site Allocation – estimated capacity 100

Mr and Mrs Poole – Lime House site in Rayleigh.

Breams Trustees – Ltd – land adjacent to the railway line and east of Ferndale Road- should be used for residential purposes.

JT Byford – Land at the Poyntens

Barrie Stone – Land north of the A127 , between Lynnwood Nurseries and Rayleigh Downs Road

George Wimpey East london – the green belt boundary near Wellington Road should be amended


George Wimpey East London – Wellington Road, Rochford dhould be for 160 units.

Mr G Marshall – land next to Southend Road, Warners Bridge Chase

FEG Beckwith – Coombs Farm , Stambridge Road, should be removed from the Green Belt

South Fambridge

Gibbons Farms – land east and west of South Fambridge Village

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  • Would point out that the so-called greenbelt land belonging to the Belcham Fisher Smith trust in the Barling Rd ( adjacent to Devonshire House) originally had planning consent for a dwelling. This section of road is a residential ribon and one small property infil would have a negligible impact on the area. This especially in light of the huge properties that RDC have seen fit to condone a mere step away to the East.

    Peter Smith

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