When We Stopped Clapping Did We Stop Caring?




It wasn’t so long ago when the Country came together to clap for the NHS on our doorsteps as they rose to the desperate needs of people in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even before the pandemic, I think the NHS has been undervalued for the lifesaving work that it has carried out to protect and save lives.

One of these early inventions in protecting health is the detection of cancer.

Recently I was contacted by the mobile breast screening unit who asked for some help in securing a new venue in Rayleigh since the historic space used, behind the Mill Hall was no longer viable.

I was told that the Council had been contacted and they want to charge around £3000 for 6 months ‘parking’ in Websters Way car park (plus electricity). I can honestly say I was truly shocked that our Council would look to charge for this life-saving facility.

So, during the budget meeting last night, I asked the leader of the Council to remove the fee for the NHS. Neither the leader nor the portfolio holder for finance, Councillor Simon Smith, would commit to removing the fee but would ‘review’ the charge at a future time.

I firmly believe in health before wealth, and I am so disappointed that the Conservative administration does not share in this belief.

Do you think the Council should waive this fee for the NHS? Let me know in the comments below

About the author, Cllr James Newport

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