What Sort Of Candidate is This?




This report in the Evening Standard about a very senior BN P candidate in London is worth reading.

It’s a reminder that his party are probably standing for election in parts of our district….

Not very pleasant reading, really.

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  • I have experience of these people from my previous address where they actually gained a local council seat. They really are the lowest of the low. We live in a democracy and we have to ensure that people like this are kept out of any position where they can make or influence any decision.

  • We just have to hope that residents do not feel so alienated that they go for the BNP. It would be a sad day if people felt that this was the only alternative to a Council that has so run down the district that in parts it feels that it is part of a third world country, and that is not a joke!

  • Anyone els e get the B NP leaflet through their door? My ward’s leaflet explain’s in detail that its not racist to discriminate against other cultures or be against diversity. The candidate claims to have moved “out here” to get away from “multi-culturism.” I too moved here to get away from crime, but I lived in a well known affluent area where the crime was committed by his deserving British people. My local councillor was B NP and I moved to get away from bigots like this. I also note that he leaves a mobile telephone number and a PO Box address, unlike the councillors on this site, who have no problems with real addresses and telephone numbers. I shall be returning the foul leaflet to this PO Box, shredded, of course.

  • Which ward do you live in?

    For what it’s worth, the Council’s “Statement of Persons Nominated” shows that their candidate for Hockley North has a home address in Rochford, their candidate for Hullbridge has a home address in Great Wakering.

    As for ourselves here, we obviously let people know where we are – and I think we’ve shown on onlineFOCUS that you can write about crime issues – and care about vandalism , criminal damage etc. – without being a bigot.

  • M Smith, As one of the people standing against the BNP it’s good to hear from someone who has experienced them in another area. Out of respect for the hosts of this site I am not going to plug my own brand of politics. What I will say is that I hope that you will will vote for one of the other candidates in your ward.

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