What Do You Think of Regal?

Do you – or someone else in your family – ever use Regal buses? If so, we’d like to hear your views on their quality of service. Do they provide a good service – or are they unreliable?

  • Regal Busways feature high on my list of why I am moving away from Rawreth.
    Rarely on time, sometimes don’t arrive at all, some drivers are polite but some are not.
    Example, Question, why are you 50 minutes late driver, where have you been? Answer, On the road. When they are late they often drive like maniacs.
    The buses are a disgrace, filthy outside and almost as bad inside. I’m surprised Essex County Council don’t monitor the service as it is grant funded. I completed a questionaire circulated by ECC on their website a couple of months ago but no response, not even an acknowledgement.
    The problem is that if the public complain too much Regal Busways will just withdraw the service.
    You won’t win on this one as it’s been the subject of complaints for some years now!
    Onlinefocus team, I suggest you park a car at Battlesbridge and take a Regal Busways ride to Southend bus station and back. That will answer all the questions you have and you’ll probably be late home for tea!!!

    • Alan, thanks for the reply.
      We posted this following an email from a resident. I’ve also asked on facebook and got plenty of responses. A couple of positive comments about the early morning service, reliable with a smiley driver. However also quite a few complaints about unreliability.

      I think you have a valid point though, even a mixed bag of a service is better than none.

  • Regal bus ways run a very unreliable No. 3 bus service. Would love to use more often but cannot be relied on to turn up on time or quite often not turn up at all.