What Do Your Councillors Think They Are Worth?

This week the Council will meet and up for debate is the how much allowance each Councillor receives. A recommendation has been made by the independent remuneration panel with 2 options on the table. One is to stay as it is and the other would see a reduction in expenditure by £7400 per annum. There are some winners and losers in this process though if the second option is taken. See our table below

Option 1


Option 2




(Terry Cutmore)




Deputy Leader

(Mike Steptoe)








Deputy Chairman




Review Chair

(Jamie Burton)




Opposition Group Leader




Cttee Chairman




Cttee ViceChairman








Sub CtteeChairman




Member (Councillors)




When this comes to the vote, you can clearly see that the cabinet members are the losers/ We think that this will be a clear indicator of how the vote will go tomorrow night. 

The full report is available on the Rochford District Councils website