Well, THAT Wasn’t Very Pleasant




The District Council subcommittee voted tonight to support the consultation document on the “Local Development Framework”. This is the document that decides where new housing and employment sites will go, and what future housing policies will be.

The document now goes to a special meeting of the Full Council tomorrow night.

Four Conservatives voted for the document.
One Conservative (Trevor Goodwin from Great Wakering) was absent.
The Lib Dem (Chris Black) abstained, saying he wanted to reflect on things before tomorrow night’s meeting. This was despite strong verbal pressure from other councillors in the meeting to vote “yes”.

Tonight’s meeting only lasted 40 minutes. Some might say that was a scandalously short time for such an important document.

The atmosphere in the meeting got a little bit unpleasant. But we won’t say any more about that- it’s hard for us to describe it fairly.

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  • Well the football is on tonight, maybe they got the day wrong.

    Sounds like the councillors are getting spooked and are trying to push this through before we all get our say! They never cease to surprise me with their arrogant ways and as for verbally pressurising other councillors! Who said we live in a democratic society?

    Admin, did you get an answer from Peter Webster regarding where our money is deposited or should I go directly to the council with the question?

  • The District Council will hopefully send me some details about the investments next week.
    Peter Webster has confirmed that RDC hasn’t got any money in Icelandic banks – he isn’t claiming any credit for that, althoug perhaps he should – as he could have got some blame if we did have some there.

    Rayleigh Town Council is having an extraordinary council meeting to discuss how to safeguard their funds (just as a prudent measure)

    According to the County Council Lib Dems, Essex County Council doesn’t have any money in Icelandic banks either.

  • Admin, this is not just about Icelandic banks, there are many other banks that are a risk. The Icelandic banks are just the tip of the iceberg! I hope Peter Webster has been careful with public money?

  • Lyn, this is not acceptable. Each Councillor should have the right to their own decisions and the be able to make those decisions in the knowledge that they will not be subject to harassment, as this sounds was the case. This should go to a code of conduct committee (if there is such a committee). If there is not an apology to those subjected to harassment, it should go higher. I am fed up with the way Councillors who do actually CARE about their residents are treated by these arrogant Tory councillors. This is totally wrong and there must be a stop to it!!!

  • Admin, I assume that Peter Webster, with all that is going on in the financial markets, does not actually know where our money is deposited? I did read correctly, didn’t I, that his portfolio for RDC is the councils finance ‘supremo’?

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