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We received a couple of photos from a resident today, who has often been woken up by Asda delivery lorries arriving too early – before the 7 am time when Asda are allowed to receive deliveries.

This one arrived at 6.10 am last Saturday:

Truck outside Asda 0610 am 5th July

And the driver then left his cab to relieve himself against the Asda wall!

Driver Next To Wall

Planning Enforcement at Rochford District Council have been informed.

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  • At least he found his watering hole.

    It might be time that any thing of the sort on going, is recorded on the site here. And send any pic you have of the events in to (if you have a camera or phone to hand). As this will be good evidence for any ASBO that are to be issued to Asda and any of there staff or supplies and staff

  • I spoke to the Night Duty Manager on the Saturday morning. He was going to take it further with the Supplier re the time of the lorry arriving & hopefully driver would not be allowed to deliver there again. When cd with photos of incident was taken to store Matt Featherstone was not there so left the cd with the Duty Manager.

  • Now wouldnt you just know it, I have been saying a toilet is badly needed down there, very bad shopping with little folk who quite often want to do the same. Not very keen on continental type toilets, bet the bloke was well relieved.

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