We Don’t Want Homes Built in Rochford




Rochford Residents are up in arms over plans to build another 600 homes in Rochford. Residents have decreed that they don’t want Bloor more homes built in Rochford and have launched a petition against the building on the greenbelt. The plans are for an area of land between Oxford Road and Ashingdon Road.

Residents are all too familiar with the promises by developers of schools, doctors and other infrastructure which is often not delivered. However, we hope they are looking at the Rochford Conservatives who appeared to support an ‘infrastructure first’ approach to development but so far appear to have done nothing to back up their claims.

Infrastructure is a major problem, not only in our little bubble here in the Rochford District but all over the country the squeeze is being put on local infrastructure with Government policy dictating that development be sped up to solve the ‘housing crisis’, but not supporting the local authority with any funding. We need to take a radical approach here in our District before we all well and truly become victims of the ‘too little, too late’ attitude that is clearly being demonstrated right now.

We are all ears for what the Conservatives can do before our District implodes and wait to see whether they can muster any creativity and depth to their strategy (if indeed they have one…)

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  • How about we organise groups of say 20 people to walk up and down ashingdon road 8 to 9 am 4 to 5 pm using the zebra crossing to the south and the lights to the north, it would not be l
    Illegal, but it would cripple the area, I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers

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