“We don’t know how many hammer blows it takes to knock down a strong and stable wall”




Colchester Lib Dem and all-round Renaissance man Nick Barlow blogs most days about the General Election.  You find his latest piece here

Here’s a taster:

As everyone is fond of pointing out, election wobbles happen to every party in every campaign. Everything up to then has been smooth sailing and easy going, then something comes out of left field – who knew they were going to care that much about one manifesto promise? – and suddenly you’re under pressure, the polls are looking a lot closer than you thought and campaign HQ is inundated with reports of candidates and canvassers being chased down driveways by people saying they’ll never vote for you again.

Now, there’s a lot of suggestion that this is essentially meaningless, that campaigns change nothing and elections are decided on fundamental impressions and perceptions decided long before. All campaigns – even Blair in 1997 – have wobbles, they say, and then go on to win and look back at them with a happy nostalgia at their naivety, but we forget that there are an awful lots of campaigns that went on to lose who have similar tales without the rosy tint. If there’s one thing we should have learned from recent years, it’s that politics and public perception can change very very quickly. We don’t know how many hammer blows it takes to knock down a strong and stable wall, but it’s probably not as many as you might think if the first few gentle taps reveal that it’s actually pretty weak and wobbly.

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  • Looks like the winner will be whoever scores the least own goals. Will Boris be let loose, will Diane Abbott be let out again. Can Emily Thorn berry ever make sense. Fortunately for the Tories Liz Truss is still on the subs bench. Me thinks she will stay there. Sadly seems to be a pretty poor lot all round.

  • Bruce , I agree , it seems we have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea ( i.e.: the least worse option ).

    Now, post Manchester recess , we are starting to see ‘project fear’ emerging again , transparently obvious media
    headlines ( leaked document shows secret Labour plans for mass immigration / evidence shows Tories plan to sell off the NHS .,.. etc;).

    However someone famous ,a long time ago, once said that a country gets the government it deserves – so given the
    harsh , live now / pay later , me me me , I want it all society we have become – perhaps that theory was right……..?

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