Waste Site For Rawreth / Basildon Border?

We didn’t see this one coming…

Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council as have been working jointly over a number of years to prepare a Replacement Waste Local Plan.

The draft Replacement Waste Local Plan was submitted to the Government for independent examination by a Planning Inspector. We have been advised that the Planning Inspector has requested that some modifications be made to the Plan in order for it to be found sound and therefore suitable for adoption. One of the inspector’s changes is for the proposed allocation of a new site  – located at Dollyman’s Farm, on the border of Rochford and Basildon – for the purposes of the inert waste disposal needs of the Plan area.

This proposal is NOT for a new civic amenity site to replace the one in Castle Road, Rayleigh. It is for the landfill of inert materials.

Some of our immediate thoughts on this were :-

  • How much extra traffic?
  • What is the impact on drainage and has there been a flood risk assessment?
  • Whatever happened to recycling?
  • Who will manage the site and for how many years?

The ward councillors for Downhall and Rawreth – – Chris Black, Ron Oatham and Chris Stanley have a meeting in Basildon early in the new year to discuss this with County Council officers and our counterparts on Basildon Borough Council . James Newport has asked whether he and the other ward councillors for Sweyne Park and Grange ward can go as well.

We will keep you informed!



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  • How can this have got so far ( Planning Inspector ) without ‘locals’ knowing
    about it ? – and the big issue will be the impact on local surface water management. The area in question ( if messed with ) will have upstream and downstream impact , the elevated new A130 construction has already increased the degree and frequency of flooding in Rawreth – and that retention pond you can see adjacent to the A129 has overflowed before.
    This cannot wait until it has been “approved” – get the Rawreth Flood Group
    onto the EA with concerns now to stand any chance of thwarting this secret development.

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