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Chris Black had an email from a local resident today who had just walked down Hullbridge Road as far as Lubbards Farm. She was very concerned that “the pavement on the righthand side, from the ’40’ sign, was almost impassable with stinging nettles taking up the majority of the space; children with bare legs would be badly stung.”

Anything that could force children to walk in the road here is alarming; Chris passed the email immediately to County Highways. To their credit, County Highways emailed back within an hour and hopefully the pavement will be cleared promptly.

In the meantime, parents – be warned !

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  • I complained about this problem on Tuesday this week at 11. 50. I also visited the nursery at Lubbards Farm and asked the supervisor to ring in and encourage mums to do likewise. 3 days later nothing had changed. If this work is done on Monday good but why does it have to be a district councillor who has a complaint acted upon and not other members of the public. Well done to Chris for emailing but poor work from Highways.
    Note also the trees blocking the view of motorists to the lights for the pedestrian crossing on London Road near the shops. This could be very dangerous and any motorist new to this area would be unaware of the lights until the last second. This has been pointed out to Highways on Friday evening. How long until this is done?

  • Bruce – you are quite right, in a situation like this County Highways should act on a complaint from any member of the public.

    I wonder if our County Councillor has taken any action yet.

  • What’s annoying is that grass verges are a COUNTY COUNCIL function and its the kind of thing that a COUNTY COUNCILLOR should be dealing with.

    Anyway, I went out with a pair of shears this afternoon and spent half an hour cutting back the dangerous sections . But it still needs County Highways’ attention.

  • Chris/Sid – you know exactly who the County Councillor for Rayleigh North is! – If you ever passed on any residents queries to me then I would be more than happy to take action as I do for other members of the District Council.

    Perhaps it just suits the Lib Dems to play politics instead!!

  • Stephen, to echo Admin, welcome to Onlinefocus, but have to say that after living in Rayleigh for 2 and a half year, as well as being somewhat politically active, I have only learned today (through this posting) who our local County Councillor is – I have known who ward and district Councillors are since well, within a week or two of moving here!!

    Perhaps had I have had this knowledge a few weeks ago, I could have put a question to highways through you, thus keeping you in the loop of local feelings!!

  • I assume there is nothing to stop our County Councillor attending the area meetings? There are County Council issues that are brought up here that our CC would have first hand information about. Maybe we could have a question time where Councillor Castle could answer some of our more pressing County Council issues? Would the Councillor please respond as to whether that could be arranged? I am the same as Corey, I have lived in Rayleigh since 2001 and this is the first time I have heard who our County Councillor is!

    Admin, when do the County Council elections next come up?

  • Actually Mike, Mavis Webster is your County Councillor (you are in Rayleigh South, Corey is in Rayleigh North). She attends in her own right as a district councillor at the West Area Committee meetings, but there would be nothing to stop any County Councillor coming along anyway , at least as an observer, in the same way that many Town and Parish councillors do.

    The County Council Elections are scheduled for next May, but might possibly be moved to June to coincide with the Euro Elections.

  • That is very handy, but why would the CC elections be changed to coincide with the Euro Elections? Ermm I wonder! Could you elucidate, Admin?

  • Councillor Castle, I have just been on the the Essex County Council website to find out how easy it is for people to find out the name of their County councillor. I found the names of the Councillors representing the residents of the Rochford District with ease. It does however rely on people knowing which divison they are in. It could be improved by giving a few details of the areas each divison covers or better still a system where someone can find the name of thier councillor by putting in their postcode as is done on some sites for people who want to know the name of thier MP.

  • Like you I received an email saying the work would be done on Thursday. I rung Lyn Harvey at 9.15 Friday asking why this didnot happen and the work is still not don and it is now Sat. evening. The one good thing is that Councillor Castle seeems to ahve as little influence or none like the rest of us.

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