Unemployment Figures




The national media are reporting an increase of 230,000 in the number of jobless people in the UK.

We’ve been looking for information on the local situation.

The Guardian newspaper has produced the figures for benefit claimants for each parliamentary constituency and you can download the data here., though it is hard to read.

So we’ve looked at the Office for National Statistics website and checked for data ourselves.

We’ve found the following:

People of working age claiming Jobseekers Allowance on 14th May 2009:

Rayleigh – 1303 people (3.3 percent)
Rochford and Southend East – 3337 (5.9 percent)
Castle Point – 1901 (3.6 percent )
Southend West 1923 (4.0 percent)

Increases in the last 12 months:

Rayleigh +802 people
Rochford and Southend East +1585
Castle Point +1173
Southend West +1030

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  • I have always found rising unemployment a matter of grave concern. At the moment I am particularly worried about our young men as they have been hit the hardest.

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