Two Pieces Worth Reading




James Newport has writing two pieces on his blog about facilities currently provided by Rochford District council – the toilets on Crown Hill , and the John Fisher playground. Worth reading if you want to know what’s going on !

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  • Clearly managing a District Budget is a challenge these days and the
    classic ploy of off-loading elements further down the food chain (> Town
    Council>Parish Council> Volunteers …….. ) is where we are at right now.

    Why then are Rayleigh Town Sports & Social Club ( who look after the
    Football & Cricket pitches ) being asked to give up two football pitches –
    for car parking facilities , in order to make the adjacent private development
    ( Timber Grove ) viable?.

    Let’s be very clear , the land occupied by RTSSC was a ‘deed of gift’ to the
    Town of Rayleigh ( and therefore for the benefit of Rayleigh folk ) by a
    generous former land owner ( Mr Thomas Gunn ). RDC are therefore
    Trustee’s of the land (not owners entitled to sell it off or give it away ) , our
    Rayleigh Town Council should be opposing this move via the current planning application – on our behalf ( but are they ? ).

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