Two New Campaigns From The District Council




The District Council have just come up with two ideas – one for promoting recycling and one for promoting marriages at the Rayleigh Windmill.

First of all, recycling. The District have been very successful in recent years in making us think about recycling issues. In fact we do know of one lady resident who dreamed last week that she was married to Usain Bolt. And all they wanted to do in the dream was to do recycling together….

Anyway, the District Council is going to be giving out car stickers at local events, in the Council Offices receptions in Rayleigh and Rochford, and at local libraries. If council staff see a sticker in your car in the next couple of months you could win a prize. More information here.

The second idea isn’t confirmed yet. But the Rayleigh Windmill will soon be hosting its 100th wedding. It looks likely that there will be a special offer coming soon – we will let you know when it is confirmed.

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  • If recycling rates stay high, then that should benefit the council financially.

    But it would be good if the council website not only said:

    “Council staff will be looking out for vehicles over the next few months who are displaying the Recycling car sticker and noting down the registration numbers of any that they spot.”

    but also said

    “Council staff will be looking out for potholes, overgrown verges and grafitti over the next few months so we can get all these fixed”

  • Went for a walk in town today, our yoofless yoofs have certainly been busy with their spray cans. Can I be the only one who get’s really mad about graffiti ?.

    It really blights the area, how about volunteers who will overpaint the walls etc to cover it up – I would be the first to step forward.

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