Trouble @ Mill

Everyday, Lib Dem and other opposition Councillors are receiving angry emails and phone calls from residents about Rochford District Councils stealth plans of closure for the Mill Hall in Rayleigh.

Under the guise of Covid-19, Conservative Councillors agreed to recommendations made by RDC officers that the site was ‘underused’, which simply isn’t the preception that we have from the number of communications we’ve received on this matter.

Are you one of those affected by the closure of the Mill Hall? Get in touch with our team and tell us how it affects you

  • I am another angry Rayleigh resident! The closure of the Mill Hall & other venues in the district is barmy. We are still in the throes of the COVID Pandemic. We are being urged to keep in touch with the lonely & isolated, who may suffer long term effects from Lockdown. When this is all over what we will need are places where people can gather socially. Those coming to the multitude of clubs & groups in the Mill Hall, will be looking forward to “normal service” being resumed! I am a member of Rayleigh Mill U3A. We have 400 plus members, & an average attendance at our monthly meetings of approx 150. Surely The Mill Hall would make an excellent, convenient, place to administer the vaccine? Is there a petitioned can sign? Where is our MP? Is he supporting his constituents?
    We must make our opposition widely heard! Sadly, from past experience it’s probably a done deal.