Trouble in Downhall



by admin // in Rayleigh


Following our item a few days ago re antisocial behaviour in Hawkwell, we are aware of problems in Downhall as well – large numbers of youths sometimes making noise late at night in Sweyne Park, and this weekend a house being egged in the Coppicegate development.

Please keep us advised of these problems, either by phone, email or a comment here…

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  • I noticed last week that some graffiti had been scrawled on a “for sale” board on the corner of Ely Way, and also on the black railing fence of the house on the other corner. Pretty minor stuff, but still unsightly, and something that should be stopped before it gets worse.

    There is some other graffiti that was scrawled on a wall in DPW, part of the fencing that goes over the stream between Canterbury Close and Ely Way. It’s been there for a long time now, certainly since last year. Maybe no-one has reported it yet, it’s been sprayed in a lime green colour, so doesn’t stand out much.

  • There are still (although not as frequent as earlier in the year) large groups congregating outside ASDA in their smokers area. ASDA had advised me last year that they were working with the police to put a curfew in place around the store as per the SWF store. I guess the ASDA management decided against the idea which would be in keeping with their being a neighbour from hell attitude.

  • We had some graffiti scrawled on our sign a few weeks back. I went out and stopped another group after it had been cleaned, BUT this isn’t really a sensible thing to do these days!! We are definately seeing more and more groups of youngsters hanging around at night. Something has to be done as the noise scares my youngest daughter who sleeps at the front, not to mention the language and subject matter that can often be heard!!

  • I’ve seen lots of groups of kids hanging around the Asda’s car park from time to time although this is the first time I’ve heard about a house being egged in the area!

    I’m surprised nothing has happened to our cars parked on the gravel area yet!

  • There is a rather large group this evening, right by the entrance, which can be somewhat intimidating. ASDA management, as always, don’t seem bothered by it, nor do they seem bothered by the large amount of rubbish that is yet again accumulating on their landscaping.

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