Travellers Lose on Appeal




04/00342/COU – Continuation of the Use of the Site for the Stationing of 8
Touring Caravans, Five Mobile Homes that have been Sub-divided into 6
Residential Plots for a Further 2 Years
Land Opposite Witherdens Farm
Chelmsford Road

We have just heard today that the Travellers on the A1245 (the old A130) have lost their appeal – John Prescotts office has agreed with the government inspector, Rochford District Council and the ward councillors that the location is unsuitable.

We will add some more information as soon as we have it….

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  • Please keep up the fight…. We want Rawreth back to the way it used to be! Greenbelt land is too keep our village and county green…. why does it seem there is one rule for us whom pay tax and another for those who don’t?!

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