Travellers in Rawreth




There’s been a situation in the last few days involving travellers in Rawreth. As we understand it:

  • A number of travellers moved on to land in Rawreth, just inside the District?s boundary with Shotgate,
  • They had 6 vehicles, 6 caravans and one mobile home.
  • A visit was carried out by an officer from the Dsitrict Council Strategic Housing team, together with the police and an Essex County Council representative.
  • The travellers were on Highway land and responsibility for taking any action rested with Essex County Council.
  • The travellers left the site last night.
  • Local residents have bagged up some rubbish left behind and it is being removed by Basildon and Rochford District councils.
  • As far as we can see, all the councils involved worked together pretty smoothly on this….

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