Travellers Face Court Summons – Cherry Orchard Park

Travellers have once again pitched up illegally at Cherry Orchard Park.

The Council has issued the following statement today

Court Summons served on Traveller encampment
A court summons has been served on Travellers who have set up camp illegally on the car park area at Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park, Rochford.
The group arrived at the site on Thursday 1 August and Rochford District Council has been liaising with Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU) and the police in relation to the matter.
The ECTU observed two camper vans and five caravans to be present, and subsequently issued a Direction To Leave notice on Monday 5 August which required them to vacate the area within 24 hours.
As they remained on site, the summons was then issued with a court hearing date of tomorrow (Friday 9 August) to obtain a court order. Subject to the court order being granted, it will be served with a view to the site being vacated by Saturday 10 August.