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Tonight was Review Committee and a look at the ‘connect’ programme. This is all about ‘transformation’, changing the way the council works and how the public access services.

We’re not really sure what exactly the Council will be transforming exactly, but we know two things.

1. Transformation of how the Council delivers its services to residents is key, apparently – we wonder how the Council knows that it needs to transform? Who has told them? How did they tell them this or is it just an assumption? We think residents don’t really enjoy change that much – they probably do get a new iphone but we don’t think they are racing to install a Council app on it – or do you? Let us know!

2. Transformation comes at an INITIAL price tag of £293,000 to get some consultants to tell the Council, what should be transformed and how to transform it’s services.

The most worrying part for us is that there will then be other businesses cases to carry out this transformation. How much will this cost? £1m, £2m, £3m? Who knows!!!

We’re not against transformation but these things tend to end up as a very expensive process and will it deliver any real value? It’s going to take £293,000 to find out apparently!

Official Rochford District Council report can be read here

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  • The only method of transforming RDC is to get out and vote in the coming MAY Council Elections – one third of the seats are up for re-election, this is an opportunity to change the balance of power in the Chamber. So you either vote for change or vote the same and get “more of the same”.
    This is the last chance for 2 years, during which time the New Local Plan and recent + 20% housing penalty will be pushed through – as usual. Watch this space for the prospective change candidates details-
    after the Returning Officer’s briefing ( 23/03/20 )…..

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