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Sometimes it seems like two-thirds of the roads in Rayleigh have problems with speeding traffic. Even if it’s only going to save them 5 seconds, there are some drivers who will zoom along side streets – dangerously and noisily. We heard recently about a cat that was killed in Ferndale Road (and as both Ron and Chris have cats, we understand what it’s like to lose a cat).
What is particularly interesting, though, is that at the end of last week, two residents contacted us separately about Downhall Park Way – especially the bend near the play equipment. One person emailed us to say:

We live on the main part of DPW,(the main part that feeds the rest of the estate) just before you get to Harberts Way and from early morning til late at night we constantly hear cars outside tearing past the house at sometimes incredible speeds. I feel its only a matter of time before someone getshurt.(especially having the entrance to Downhall school close by)
One idea was to place speed humps in the road, (which im all for) but I hear that was stupidly rejected???

May I suggest an alternative to this idea and to place one or two chicanes in the road, that way they would either have to stop or slow down once upon them. I know through neighbours that parking a car in the road has the similar effect and it does work.

Something does need doing about this and ideally soon.

However a couple of days later we had a resident phone to say that parked cars on this bend were dangerous and could she have yellow lines there?

So we have two people, both concerned about traffic in the same place, but coming to opposite conclusions! So what’s the best thing to do?

We hope that next year County Highways will include Downhall Park Way in its programme for the signs that flash to warn drive that they are speeding.

These signs are portable and are rotated around the district (they have been in Rawreth Lane this year). Would they help?

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  • Hi

    I have also found this road very dangerous. As at the end of August 2006 I was knocked of my bike by a driver reversing out of their driveway on to the road (Just before the bend at the park). All they said was they did not see me. I was on the road (not the pavement) and it was about 9am. Some of the drivers around here should be forced to
    re-sit their driving test as it is clear they can not drive and do not have the common sense need to drive/park

  • Hi

    I’ve lived in in DPW since 1991 and we have had speeding problems for years although it does seem to be getting worse lately. I am not sure that flashing 30mph lights will do any good. The reason that they speed in the first place is a total disregard for others and this will make no difference once they realise that there is no penalty attached. It’s generally the same bunch of halfwits and most people on the estate know who they are.

    Speed humps do work but they lead to increased noise and not great if they are outside your own house. Can the police get involved by setting speed traps, points and a fine tends to concentrate the mind.

  • I totally agree with the last 2 responses, something definately needs to be done about the speeding cars and vans along Downhall Park Way.
    When i walk along the road, it always amazes me the speed that cars come off Rawreth Lane and continue to accelerate all the way down with total disregard to saefty, ie children on bikes coming out of Kelso Close, pedestrians crossing. They usually continue on the wrong side of the road till the corner at Sweyne Park, then swerve to aviod any oncoming vehicles.
    With all the new developements and extra children walking on this road to the park i find the lack of any trafic calming or police checks here very disapointing.
    I thought that along with all the new developments came an amount of money from the developer that was put aside for highway improvements, but since the area has been developed i have not seen one modification to the road that would improve safety for local resisdents.
    Certainly the idea of placing one or two chicanes in the road would help the excessive speed, speed bumps always cause problems with noise, but the idea of yellow lining the road would just add speed to the already dangerous traffic.

    Can it not be arranged that the police randomly check drivers speed here, so that drivers would slow in the fear of getting caught?

  • I can understand the previous writers concern about speeding in DPW, there are many Children around, It seems that we already have a slowing process, with the amount of parked cars especially on the left hand side accessing from Rawreth Lane, can we have yellow lines on the bend by the park, you often have to face this bend blind, today I was travelling around 20mph, I met a car coming in the opposite direction, to get by, he had to move into the drive of the childrens playground, to get by, I usually have to stop on average 2 or 3 times to let traffic by, I notice motorists mainly speeding on their way out, heading towards the traffic lights. Harbrts Way to park entrance. I think speed humps may be the sensible solution, with the bend yellow lined, I would rather the police concentrate on dealing with other crimes in the area.

  • As a fairly new resident to the area (Salisbury Close) I have to use Downhall Park Way. I am in agreement regarding the speed of traffic; however what about those residents that choose to park along this road (with perfectly adequate off road parking), particulaurly larger commercial vehicles. This problem also has developed within the whole of Salisbury Close, I question those vehicle users, if your loved one was injured or worse as a result of your sheer laziness how would you feel? Unfortunately, the society in which we live has encouraged contempt and lack of respect and consideration for our neighbours. I have contacted the police who advise that due to a lack of yellow lines nothing can be down. I placed a call 5 weeks ago to Essex County Council Highways and am still waiting for a call back. Does it take a serious injury or death to instigate measures?

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