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Back in June County Highways advised us that the average speed of traffic in Downhall Park Way, Rayleigh, was well below 30 mph.

This surprised us – so we asked whether any of the traffic they checked was speeding. The highways officer has now advised as follows:

“I have had another look at the figures and they have revealed that on Tuesday 20th March 2007 from 12 midnight over the next 24 hour period, no vehicles were recorded travelling in excess of the current 30mph speed restriction currently in force on Downhall Park Road.”

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  • I’d like to know what part of Downhall Park Way the Highway’s Office took the readings from. All I can say is he picked a good day! and a good spot. We have lived in the road for 13years and I have no doubt that the speed is getting worse. Maybe they could carry out another survey on a different section of the road, if they have picked an area of the road where cars are often parked, then naturally the speed will be lower, if they choose the known parts of the road where motorist put their foot down, then the results could be different. Unfortunately it is a minority who are speeding not the majority, but it only takes one for an accident!, this road links two main schools, Downhall and Swayne, the road is always busy with children walking to and from school.

  • Chris / Ron,

    I reply I posted on the 9th June:

    Having lived in DPW for 15 years I have seen a steady increase in speed over the years and this survey is, in my opinion flawed. The loops should have been positioned at a point close the junction with Norwich, that is where speed is at it’s highest. People are slowing from 40+ to take the bend at the location of these loops.

    I dispute that meaningful data can be gathered over 48 hours, I suggest a week would give a far more representative picture.

    Anybody on the estate will tell you who are the main culprits, the 6-10 airheads that live on the estate, the local taxi firm and the supermarket delivery vans.

    It’s not rocket science.

  • Steve:

    Last Saturday we wrote about Hullbridge:

    Vehicles speeding in Lower Road, Ferry Road and Pooles Lane. …the Neighbourhood Policing Team are looking for at least six volunteers from the community to be trained and equipped by Essex Police to become part of a Community Speed Watch group to carry out speed checks. There is a commitment of one hour per week and you must be 18 years old or over. If you are interested, please contact Pc Steve Judd on any of the contact details shown for further information.

    Should we try to get a Community Speed Watch team for our part of Rayleigh?

  • Chris, that is a very good idea. I have noticed over the past six to nine month period that cars in Bardfield Way are being driven at dangerously fast speeds. There are a lot of young children who live in this road and there is an accident waiting to happen here. Because the road is reasonably wide some youngsters and not so young take it that they can use it as a race track. So far I have not heard of an accident but I am sure there has been some near misses

  • The only equipment that I have seen in DPW recently was between Harbets Way and Durham Way, most of the traffic miss this part of the road, this would not be a true reflection of speeds on DPW.
    Last week I was in more danger as a car came speeding around the bend near to the park access, I had to slam on my brakes, there is poor visability due to cars parked on the bend.

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