Tories Hold Hockley North




The Conservatives have held Hockley North in tonight’s District Council by-election. Their candidate , Mike Carter , won:

Conservatives 297 (49.5 %)
BNP 176 (29.3 %)
Lib Dems 127 (21.2%)

Total……………. 600

The turn-out was 36.5 %

The result last time round, in 2004 , was Conservatives 473, Labour 143.

The Conservatives started campaigning very late but won through in the end, so Mike Carter can feel pleased with winning in difficult circumstances.

The BNP threw everything but the kitchen sink into their campaign- with about 10 of their party members outside the polling station in the evening.

As for us, we’ve never even been able to find a candidate for this seat before. So we are very grateful to Mark Pearson for standing here – just about everyone we talk to thinks he’d be a good councillor!

PS in the Rochford Parish by-election, the Conservatives beat Labour by 170 to 120 (13 percent turnout)

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  • How easily people forget what hatred-fuelled politics can lead to. I wonder if any of the 176 people who voted for the BNP fought against fascism in WWII. My uncle gave his life to protect our country against such narrrow-minded hatred.

    Thanks to Mark Pearson for standing.

    13% turnout in the Rochford by-election? People ought to be ashamed of their complacency. We have the right to vote- we should use it. I’m sure that those same people who didn’t exercise their right would be the same people who would complain if that right were taken away.

    Vescere bracis meis

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