Tories Totally Confused at the Town Council

The last meeting of Rayleigh Town Council was quite weird. The Conservative councillors were in complete confusion.

The Tories were proposing a couple of motions. Their first motion was about the proposed pavilion in King Georges Field – they wanted to delay any further action on the scheme. They couldn’t understand why the Lib Dem councillors who support the pavilion seemed to like their motion. Then it dawned on them – the motion they had written had the opposite meaning to what they thought it did. In a scene of pure comedy, the Lib Dems voted for the Tory motion , whilst the Tories either abstained or voted against.

The second Tory motion was about making council meetings more open to the public. This was quite a reasonable proposal, so reasonable that Ron Oatham seconded it. This caused absolute panic in the Tory ranks – why is he seconding our motion, what have we done wrong now? For about 10 seconds the Tories wouldn’t put their hands up to vote – the Lib Dems had to coax them into doing so.

The Tories are confident they are going to take control of the Town Council in June. At the moment a certain phrase about running a whelk stall comes to mind.

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