Tories Rattled By The Lib Dems Locally

It would appear, that the Tories have been rattled by the Lib Dems not only nationally where they lost a whooping 1330 seats, but they have claims of ‘bullying’ & ‘half truths’

Cheryl Edwina Roe, who won the Trinity ward, claims that she suffered bullying on Facebook: “It was over Facebook, I refuse to go on it.”

“My family were so tempted to respond, but I made sure they didn’t. I made sure I fought a fair fight.”

As Ms Roe revealed the threats she had received…

Echo News 5th May 2019 –

For clarity, we refute that we were involved in any bullying behaviour, and of course we will not condone anyone who is doing so. If there are specific concerns we are happy to discuss them with the returning officer in due course. We will continue to demand better for the people of Rayleigh.

We will be writing to the both the returning officer and the head of legal services at Rochford District Council in due course to attempt to corroborate these allegations.