Tonight’s Meeting – Who’s Coming?




So which of the onlinefocus regulars are coming to the West area commitee tonight at Rawreth Village Hall?

Or are you all doing something special for Valentines’s Day?

(If you are coming, please say ‘hello’ to Chris either before or after…)

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  • Well I did not make it because of the fatality at Romford station, which created chaos trying to get home tonight. But am very interested in how the meeting went??

  • Hi Chris, very interested in knowing how the meeting went.

    Got off the Southend bound train tonight, Friday night around 6.30pm and found two community policemen trying to push about 20 youngsters over the bridge, towards the town centre. WHEN ARE THE POLICE GOING TO REALISE WE DO NOT WANT THESE YOUNGSTERS IN OUR TOWN. Went to shop at Rayleigh Weir and when I got back found god knows how many youngsters in Little Wheatleys.

    These kids have parents, why on earth do the the parents delegate their responsibility to the Police, Council or Schools? We have these children, we cannot delegate responsibility to any other body. We and only we as parents have responsibility for OUR OWN CHILDREN. How are we going to make parents understand this??

  • Hi Mike, there’s quite a lot to write about from the meeting – , Rawreth Lane Playing field, West Rayleigh Sewage Works, the 24 and 3 Bus routes , and (especially regarding your comments ) Crime and Public Disorder Statistics for Rayleigh (generally, crime figures look OK, public disorder not so good)

    Should be something on here during this afternoon.

    But re your comments – can I play devils advocate here for a moment – when 20 youngsters come to Rayleigh by train, bearing in mind we are not a police state, what do you think the police should do?

    Re parents responsibility for their own children , of course I agree (though parenting sometimes isn’t an easy task) Roughly, what were the ages of the youngsters down Little Wheatleys?

  • Hi Chris, I agree parenting is not easy but there are many parents now who just delegate responsibility and blame others for their own childrens behaviour. What I am saying is that we as parents must take responsibility for our own.

    The 20 or so youngsters that the Community Officers were directing out of the train station would only have been a small number of them. This is repeated again and again over the course of the evening. Rayleigh on a Friday evening is not the most welcoming of places anymore and as the Spring and Summer gets closer this situation will get worse not better. There was more youngsters blocking the exit at the bottom of the ramps at the rear of the station, where another Officer was keeping an eye open.

    There really is not much for these youngsters to do but congregate in large numbers. The ages I saw yesterday, both at the train station and in London Road / Little Wheatleys, ranged from about 11 to 16/17 years old. What we do have to be concerned about is what kind of example the older ones are giving to the younger children. Many are now wearing hoodies, nothing wrong in that generally but it is the connotations that surround the wearing of these.

    As for living in a police state, I think that is a little over the top, no one wants that, however I think we have the right to able to go about our business without the thought that we might bump into a mob of youngsters around any corner. A mob of youngsters that are well behaved, ok, but to the elderly and vulnerable amongst us, the they crowd well appear to be worrying.

  • We are in the early stages of the adoption process at the moment, so although not yet a parent, am a parent in waiting!! It does concern me that there are large hoards of youths roaming the streets, and have not experienced this level of mob culture despite living in numerous others towns and cities. However, I guess I am old school in my beliefs that my child is my responsibility. I would expect to know where my child is who they are with and when they will be back, and curfews would be set – I don’t belive that many parents set curfews these days – considering the times I have seen 11-12 year olds hanging out at the Leisure Centre past midnight on a school night – why are these parents not out looking for their kids?

    Children now have far too many rights – I don’t recall us having rights when I was a kid – if I did wrong, would get a smack on the back of the legs, it did me no harm and has helped in modelling me to be the person I am today, I quickly learnt that poor behaviour resulted in an act of punishment that hurt! What happens today? Punishment results in the banning them from their Wii console for a week – so what do they do? Play with their Xbox instead. It really is hightime we went back to instilling traditional values, teaching respect begets respect and parents taking FULL responsibility for their childs action.

    Now going back to my adoption – before we can adopt a child, we have to attend 4 days on parenting skills lectures and seminars before we can go to the next stage of the process – perhaps if birth parents had to do the same thing before they could be considered for pregnancy, perhaps they would think twice before allowing their children to roam the streets.

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