Tonight’s Council Meeting

Tonight’s District Council meeting is a sort of end-of-season match – after this , the next scheduled meeting is at the end of August.

The most important topics are likely to be :

“Eco-Towns” – there are no “Eco-Towns” planned for this area, but there’s a motion from Cllrs Cutmore and Hudson about them:

?Rochford District Council is opposed to the concept of eco-towns, as proposed by central Government, which are not supported by Council core strategies and relevant housing needs studies. The eco-town concept as presented by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is flawed both technically and democratically. It is outside of the existing regional planning framework and is a policy imposition by central Government not subject to local accountability.

There is nothing inherent in the concept that could deliver a greener future as compared with ensuring that the proposed 126,000 Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) dwellings for Essex deliver sustainable living. Any sustainable proposal must be underpinned by local job and infrastructure funding to fundamentally support the concept.?

(if you want to read some background info on eco-towns, try this Times article here.)

Big Increases in allowances for the council cabinet. We know that some Conservative Councillors are unhappy about this. Will the Tory leadership quietly drop the idea tonight?

Recycling – Chris Black asked the council last week whether there would be an extra item on the agenda about this.

Whatever happens, a bit of discussion on the start of the new recycling scheme is bound to happen, sometime during the evening.

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