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The most interesting question we were asked today when canvassing was:

Why aren’t there more really good restaurants in Rayleigh?

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  • We have a good day-time selection of quality cafe’s & an abundance of fast food shops that cater primarily for evening eaters. We need to address the balance and encourage owners of up market restaurants that cater for the discerning palette.
    If the council takes the lead in shaping the profile of the Town, I am convinced that restauranteurs will see good returns on their efforts.
    Maybe this will broaden the range of evening visitors to the town centre.

  • Martin, ‘reshaping the profile of the town’ – what sort of direction are you thinking of?

    After May there’s going to be a big change in the structure of the council, with a ‘cabinet’ of 9 deciding most things except planning applications. There will be 3 area committees – talking shops with no real power – and one of those will be for Rayleigh and Rawreth. I’m not keen on these but ‘reshaping the profile of the town’ is something that would be actually be worthwhile discussing there – providing we have enough councillors willing to discuss it seriously.

  • I totally agree and this is something me and my partner have said many a time.
    Rayleigh does lack quality restuarants – ok we have La Romantica, although the food is ok, it does come across as being old fashioned and not catering for the upmarket eating establishment so often required for todays market.
    Next (and I say next and there’s not much else) there’s Santa Lucia. Again is ok but its not special and when I say special I mean somewhere special for that odd occasion – say like the The Woodmans where the food is outstanding.

    So why can’t we have a good eating venue? What’s wrong with a having decent place to go in Rayleigh, instead of having to travel to Leigh/Billericay or Brentwood?

    Also how about a decent wine bar?

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