James Cottis – Ace Of Wands?




We love this story in the Echo here about Tory councillor James Cottis and his magical skills:

POLITICIANS often promise to wave their magic wands to improve people’s lives.

But when young Rochford councillor James Cottis talks about performing magic tricks, he means it.

The amateur magician has returned from a conference in Las Vegas with an idea for helping hospital patients and people with disabilities get better by teaching them simple magic tricks.

Mr Cottis, 25, is keen to introduce Project Magic to hospitals across south Essex, including Basildon and Southend, which would see local magicians visit wards teaching patients magic….

….. Ros Mortis, a spokeswoman for Southend Hospital, said: “It sounds an interesting idea and we are happy to consider anything demonstrated as beneficial to our patients.

“However, we are scrupulous about who we allow into our wards due to the risk of infections….”

Judging by the photo attached to the article , James seems to have done a disappearing act on part of himself …. well done.

But he could have a magic rival soon…. we know there’s an even younger Lib Dem helper who does some pretty good tricks….

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  • Just come accross this post! Very spiteful and personal quite frankly. I know the Lib Dems in Rochford council don’t know much about actual political form but they should know not to make personal attacks on people. Still a screenshot of this post made…will come in useful in the May elections!

  • Sorry, you’ve lost me.

    What personal attack? You seem to think that when we say “we love this story” , we are being sarcastic, when we are being genuine….

    We were being friendly, not spiteful.

  • Perhaps Mr Oxley you should reread your post and consider the attack you have just made on a group of people who are striving to make the Rochford district a better place for all residents – In two years living here, I have yet to meet a tory councillor and have yet to actually see them do anything constructive for all residents in this district – a very poor council indeed!

  • I see the story as being positive towards James Cottis as it both demonstrates that he has an interest outside politics which he would like to use to cheer up hospital patients and it compliments him on his weight loss.

    I am not a Lib Dem. I regularly view this site because it does a good job of keeping people informed as to what is going on in the district. I find on the whole the admin keeps party politics ti a minimum.

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