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What do you think of this new look for the website? Do you prefer it to our old style?

We’d appreciate your opinion – if people like it, we’ll sort out a few details and then keep it. If you do leave a comment, please meet what internet browser you use (eg Internet Explorer or Firefox) and what size monitor you use – ‘normal’ or ‘widescreen’


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  • Adding the day is going to be a bit tricky …. and I’ve had a private email from someone with particular vision problems who finds it hard to read with this set of colours.

    SO – what I’m going to try to do is install a ‘theme switcher’ will let any visitor choose from a variety of layouts, all with almost the same content. Some will be easier to read, some will have the day of the week!

    By the way, I know that something’s broken at the moment – the right sidebar is completely empty under internet explorer!

  • The right sidebar is fine for me (Vista, IE7). I find the text a bit small at it’s default size. I know I can use IE7 to increase it but it will do that for all the other sites I visit too, making them too large. It maybe just a colour/contrast thing? I’m running it on a 1280×1024 4:3 monitor.

    Anyway you can add the time of day a forum message is posted? There’s space for it but it isn’t adding the info.

  • Can the postings be reversed, the most recent at the top (think was how it was previously) that way you caneasily read the latest additions to a thread without scrolling through lots time and time again (just think how many postings ASDA related threads get!

  • I have browsed through all of the Theme Switcher several times and find that most of them very difficult to read – especially the ‘latest comments’ column. The others that are easy to read I just do not like the layouts/background colours. With regard to difficulty in reading, I agree that colour is the main problem also the size of the font. I use a wide screen monitor.

  • You are right Rita, some of those colour combinations chosen are weird 🙂
    (I didn’t design these themes , they are just freely available on the web and I have downloaded them. I will gradually play about with them to make them more suitable)

  • Chris.
    I Like the colour scheme but because of this I feel that some of the key information & titles do not sufficiently stand out.
    Otherwise its a thumbs up. Well done.

    Staying with the praise, may I congratulate your efforts in promoting a vibrant website that offers a forum to express readers views. You put the other parties (and smaller councils) to shame.
    It is the way forward.

  • Hi ST.

    Easiest thing to do is to delete cookies, and then reload. You will come back to the default version of the site, which is currently Tulip Time without the theme switcher.

    If you don’t fancy that, let us know and I will put the Theme Switcher back on again this evening.

    Explanation :
    I have uploaded a number of themes into my themes folder on the s erver .
    I want to have these themes there so I can play around with them ‘behind the scenes’.
    Trouble is, the theme server isn’t selective – it insists on giving everyone all the themes to pick from, even those that are being a bit wonky, or even those where I can’t attach the switcher. So I have taken the theme switcher off for now but I wanted to bring it back later when we have a solid smaller set of themes to pick from. We’ll probably have Tulip Time as the default theme, and have an ‘easier-to-read’ version of Tulip Time as one of the alternatives…

  • Admin,
    Have you noticed that the date and times on current postings are incorrect. The date is one day behind and the times are wrong. A minor point but I find it helpful to know when certain comments are posted.

  • Greenbelt – being able to answer residents one houre before they ask them is one of the essential skills of being a councillor 🙂

    Alternatively, there may be a time setting wrong somewhere…

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