This Week’s County Council Meeting

As a change from District and Parish Council stuff, here’s a round-up of this week’s County Council meeting:

Lib Dem motion on public participation with the council
This was a wide ranging motion asking for meaningful public involvement with the council and its business. The main Lib Dem request was for a public question time spot at council meetings and for a cross party working group to be set up to recommend other ways of involving the public. Motion was amended by the Tories, taking out the cross party working group bit. Lord Hanningfield said he didn’t think there should be a public question time spot. Motion passed with amendment.

Labour motion on political leadership of children’s services
There have been 4 cabinet members for this portfolio this term and Labour said that this shows poor political leadership on the part of the council leader. They also asked for the service to be the subject of a scrutiny review. Lib Dem group supported motion arguing that lack of stable leadership leads to inconsistency across the service. Motion rejected.

Essex Waste Strategy

Lib Dem and Labour groups voted against in a named vote – all Tories voted for. Lib Dem reasons are well documented and include the strategy’s timidity on recycling rates; large waste treatment plants in excess of the current or predicted requirements; money could be better spent on reducing/recycling incentives, especially with regard to food waste, than on large scale back end facilities.

Post Offices
Lord Hanningfield said that he expected to be announcing new post offices could be opening by the end of the year.

All papers available from the county’s main website.

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