This May Seem Like A Strange Question…




Has anyone , especially in the Downhall Park Way area, suffered from exploding light bulbs?

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  • yes i have from asda! but i near southend, i think it might be your bulbs rather than where you live? please let me know any info on this website tyvm 🙂

  • Kat, if you live near Southend, you won’t be suffering from the same local problem as some people in a road in Rayleigh.]

    But they are really exploding? If this happens often, with light bulbs bought in different places then you either you have a problem with your wiring, or the local electricity supply may not be set properly….

  • Hi there! 🙂

    well no its the first time its ever happend to me, i walked in on it stepping on a small bit of it.

    The thing was that shocked me was one half was stuck in the light socket the screw part and the glass part smashed all over the floor as far as i know the power was off and they are spot bulbs so they cant be knocked or damaged.

    however part of the glass was still stuck in the screw of the bulb!?

    i dont know if it exploded, did you see yours explode then??

    And did your bulbs come from asda at all?

  • The mystery deepens. This week we have lost no fewer than five light bulbs and no, they weren’t from Asda. Neither do I live on Downhall Road! Serve s me right for not buying the energy-saving variety 😉

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