The Two Contenders




For anyone who wants to know more about Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne, the two candidates for Lib Dem leader, here are their websites:

Nick Clegg, MP in Sheffield

and Chris Huhne, MP in Hampshire


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  • I watched Question Time last week and thought that Nick Clegg came across as being the more able statesman of the two, yet most of the blogs on the subject seem to have preferred Huhne’s performance.

  • Sid, it’s going to be a difficult choice for me – Clegg seems to have the warmer personality and I think would be more liked by the public. But Huhne’s policies match up better with my views. What’s persuading you towards Chris Huhne?

  • In a nutshell – Chris Huhne’s comment that ‘we don’t need a third Tory party’ (in my opinion we don’t really need the second – or for that matter the first!).

    Perhaps what I like most about Huhne is that he is prepared just to state his opinion, without all the hedging and prevaricating that we have become used to from all politicians lately – see Trident as an example. Nick says ‘Well, if this and if that, let’s wait and see …’, Chris says ‘No.’


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