“The Text Was Too Small For This Forty-Year-Old’s Eyes”

James Newport writes here about the consultation workshop in Rayleigh, and he isn’t very impressed.

First of all, the presentation was made less effective by hard-to-read text on the PowerPoint displays and hard-to-hear speech fighting against the sound of the air conditioning.

Secondly, the concept of ‘a walk around the parish’ might work if the parish consists of a church, a school , a shop and a few residential roads. It doesn’t work ok for a town of 33000 people. It’s almost as if we are back in the bad old days of a few years ago when some councillors though that “Real Rayleigh” stopped at the railway bridges.

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  • Many times I’ve found it necessary to remind the town council members that we are Rayleigh TOWN council, not Rayleigh TOWN CENTRE council!!
    From someone who represents a part of the badlands the other side of the railway bridge.

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