The Sylvia Lemon Tennis Trophy




As it happens, after mentioning Sylvia Lemon last night, we saw that the District Council website has an item on the Sylvia Lemon Tennis Trophy:

Congratulations to William Todd, who was nominated to receive the Sylvia Lemon Trophy. This prestigious annual award is supported by Rochford Sports Council, with the trophy presented by Joyce Murison, Chairman of the Sports Council.

The award is given to a deserving young person, living in the Rochford District, who demonstrates excellent commitment and improvement at tennis. The Sylvia Lemon Trophy was donated to Rochford Sports Council in 2004, in memory of Rochford District Councillor Sylvia Lemon, by her husband, David Lemon.

William, who is 13 years old, lives in Rochford, attends Southend High School for Boys, and trains at Hockley Tennis Club. He has been playing since the age of four. His commitment is supported by his coach, Royston Kimberley. Through his hard work on the tennis court, William is now a top county player. He is looking to continue training, so he can reach the highest level possible in the sport.

Joyce Murison was an old friend of Sylvia’s , so it’s good to see her presenting the trophy.

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