The Stench Is Back




We had reports last night that the stench was back at the West Rayleigh Sewage Works, and Chris smelt it himself this morning mid-way along Beeches Road. We’ve also heard about lots of lorry movements, including uncovered vehicles and vehicles with Medway addresses.

It’s been reported to the District Council and we are waiting for a response once theyhave had time to investigate.

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  • Thes stench is definitely back. Its most noticeable in the mornings. I leave the house around 7am and on a couple of occasions its been hideous. I also drove along Watery Lane on Monday and it was very bad then. Ithought that it had all stopped.

  • It was back at 5.30pm and about 6.30pm last night and the wind was coming from the north west which suggests that lorries were passing along Rawreth Lane with the filth although we did not actually see them.

  • It was also present in Sweyne Park yesterday afternoon, I was walking our dog at 3.30pm and when the wind picked up, so did the smell, really unpleasant for the children using the park, we only get the tail end of the smell, can’t imagine what it must be like for the residents who are nearer.

  • Strangely I was on my farm today with the wind in the north west and the stench appeared within a very narrow band at around 5.30 . It could not have come from Rayleigh west it possibly was being spread on a farm somewhere towards south hanningfield or otherwise a passing skip lorry along hawk hill but I do not think so .Lorry traffic though is still quite heavy today .There is also a very heavy sickly smell coming from Shotgate works when the wind is in the south west . This is the perfume they use to disguise the stench from there but it makes me sometimes feel nausiated. It seems that most sites operated by anglia water create degrees of smell witness nevendon and chelmsford works but nothing can compare with our very own Rayleigh West when it really tries !!

  • We’ve been passed the following report this morning:

    “a green skip lorry has just gone through the village in a northerly direction over the bridge at Battlesbridge, uncovered with material clearly visible and piled up .This was at 7.17 am precisely”

  • I’d have to agree with M Smith. Monday/Tuesday this week it was a dreadfully strong smell. Obvioulsy the wind was strong but I guess with autumn just round the corner that will be a regualr occurance.

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