The Stench From The West Rayleigh Sewage Works




One of the items discussed at last week’s Rawreth Parish Council Meeting was the West Rayleigh Sewage Works in Watery Lane. Council Chairman Alistir Matthews confirmed that lorry movements were increasing again, especially the from Rawreth Lane end which suggested that the lorries are originating from the Rochford works. The Clerk Hayley Bloomfield advised that a letter had been sent to Richard Evans of RDC asking for an update on the current situation on site and that at the time of the meeting no reply had been received.

Somebody mentioned that the prevailing wind had been from the SW recently, so the stench was hitting Hullbridge rather than Rawreth. Is Hullbridge Parish Council getting compllaints on this – or do Hullbridge residents think the smell is coming from farmers fields rather than the sewage works?

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  • It does occasionly get mentioned Chris. If anyone from Hullbridge is reading this and does have a problem please let Hullbridge Parish Council know. I am the vice chair of same.

  • I live in West Avenue in Hullbridge and the smell has been unbearable on a regular basis since last spring. It has never been this bad before and I have lived in Hullbridge for 24 years! It is getting to the point where being in our part of the village is very unpleasant indeed. The lorries in Battlesbridge, both Watery Lane and Beeches Road are also increasing in size and frequency and there have been several near misses in recent weeks – they drive far to fast and in the middle of the road.

  • Dear S Smears, Thank you for your comments. The situation with the lorries is being dealt with. PC Judd has been contacting the employers of the offending lorry drivers and Essex county highways have put new signs up in an attempt to discourage abuse of the road by lorries. There have been many complaints about this. I will be meeting next with PC Judd on the 20th.

  • Dear Angelina and S. Smears
    We as Rawreth P. C. have been in constant disscussion with Anglia Water and E.H.O. at Rochford since the spring it is a constant discomfort to many of our residents and also I am sure to Hullbridge as the prevailling wind is in the S.W. Once or twice I have tried to contact Hullbridge P.C . But have found the office closed also one or two residents have asked me about it I have directed them to the Parish Offices . We have surprisingly goode relations with the immediate manager but he is obviously controlled from above . It does seem strange that Rochford are to serve an abatement notice on A.W. now knowing that Tilbury is about to come on stream . So faces saved no harm done !!
    Several people have suffered severe nausia and many have not been able to sit in their gardens at weekends in both villages .The lorry issue appears to have been taken seriously with mobile units enforceing weight restrictions .Again that is an issue that we as a parish council have been pressurising on behalf of our residents for many years .Both issues are wholly unacceptable and we will continue to monitor vigouriously .

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