The Stench – A Number To Call, And A Meeting To Go To

After the discussions at the West Rayleigh Sewage Works on May 23rd it was agreed that :

1. Time restraints would be placed on the movement of lorries to and from the Rayleigh West Site.

a) No lorries would be permitted at anytime on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays.

b) Lorries will only be permitted to access and leave the site during the hours of a normal working day, Monday to Friday, those hours being 7.45am to 4pm

2. Anglian Water agreed to purchase new sheets to cover the lorries. The sheets would be of a material that would ensure no leakage or spillage of cake and that would also minimise any smell from the loads.

3. All lorries entering and leaving the site would be sheeted.

4. Spot checks will take place when lorries enter and leave the site, these checks now being possible as the hours of permitted lorry operation will ensure technicians are on site to do the checks.

5. New signs would be placed at the exit of the site stating that all vehicles leaving the site should be covered.

6. A designated person would be assigned to collate any complaints being received regarding Rayleigh West.

It was agreed that any lorries seen operating outside of the agreed hours, or any lorries un-sheeted, or any complaints of smell should be reported to Anglian Water Control Centre on 0845 145 145, call centre staff will take the initial calls but will be instructed to pass them over to the designated person. Any callers should ensure they tell the call centre staff that the site involved is Rayleigh West.

It was agreed that the number given could be published to the public via email, the press, radio and Parish Magazine and that the name of the designated person was John David.

Richard Evans, the man in charge of Environmental Health will at Rochford DC will be at the next Rawreth Parish Council meeting to discuss the issue. The meeting is next Wednesday at 7:30 in the Rawreth Village Hall.

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  • Thought it too good to be true. The situation has certainly improved but this week it has been worse than the M25 with these disgusting lorries backwards and forwards and still they don’t think they should be sheeted when empty. Empty or full they smell and should be sheeted at all times. Why do they not understand this?

  • Have to say there was a foul smell yesterday coming from somewhere. I noticed it when I popped over to ASDA, meant to put something on here when I got back, but forgot after unpacking!

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