The Shadow Cabinet Member From Rawreth




Congratulations to Rawreth resident Mark Francois MP on getting into the Tory shadow cabinet today.

The Guardian says

Essex man Mark Francois, the party’s Europe spokesman, has been promoted to the shadow cabinet in the same role ? maybe to keep Europhile Clarke on the straight and narrow.

and the Times takes a similar view:

Mark Francois, described by one of Mr Cameron?s aides as ?a proper Essex boy?, remains Shadow Minister for Europe but is promoted to the Shadow Cabinet. The move will help to reassure Eurosceptics alarmed by the return of Mr Clarke.

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  • I’m certain Mr Francois was delighted to have been described as a ‘proper Essex Boy’ and that it will surely placate the Eurosceptics to know that he will still be concerning himself with how many laptops have gone missing in govt depts.
    Mr Clarke is in my opinion a most excellent politican and Mr Cameron must have appointed him through gritted teeth- he needed a man with gravitas to counterbalance the arrival of Mandy, given that he currently has such lightweights as Mr Osborne.

  • According to Wikipedia he was born in Islington … 14th August 1965 …

    and according to, he has:

    Voted strongly against a transparent Parliament.
    Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
    Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
    Voted very strongly against the hunting ban.
    Voted very strongly against equal gay rights.

    (Amongst other things)

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