The Rochford Candidates




The County Council candidates for Rochford East, Rochford North and Rochford South are:

Rochford (North)

Tracey Margaret Chapman The Conservative Party Candidate 30 South Street, Rochford,
John Joseph Curtin British National Party 51 Alexandra Road, Ashingdon,
David Thomas Kirkman The Labour Party Candidate 12 Gobions, Basildon,
Debbie Taylor Liberal Democrats 24 Larkfield Close,
Andrew John Vaughan Green Party Candidate 5 Pudsey Hall Lane, Canewdon, Rochford,

Rochford (South)
Douglas John Copping The Green Party 29 Boleyn House, Roche Close, Rochford,
David James Michael Lench The Labour Party 36 Malting Villas Road, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1RU
Roy Pearson The Conservative Party Candidate 131 Shoebury Road, Great Wakering, Essex,
Earl Victor Strobridge British National Party 8 Percy Cottis Road, Rochford
Lester Wakeling Liberal Democrat 75 Bodmin Road, Chelmsford

Rochford (West)
Sid Cumberland Liberal Democrats 15 Upway, Rayleigh,
Bonnie Hart The Conservative Party Candidate 6 Hawthorne Gardens
Angelina Donna Marriott The Labour Party Candidate 33 Windermere Avenue, Hullbridge, Essex
Sandra Lynn Matthews British National Party 22 St Clare Meadow, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1ER

Full information on the District Council Website here.

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  • Sorry to appear ‘THICK’, but what I would like to know is who is actually representing my area. I live in Beeches Road, Rawreth (SS11 8TG) and I feel more aggreived than ever before in my forty years of voting that I get it right. Do I have a candidate for UKIP (i.e. any party that will get us out of the EU sorry, corrupt EU) and, if not, a candidate for the BNP (any party that will start to consider the British population, or shouldn’t I say that?) I want names, so that I know who exactly I’m voting for, if I bother, what has this once lovely country come to?

  • Hi Gloria

    You live in “Rayleigh North”

    You will have two votes on June 4th.

    One is for the European elections, and UKIP is on the ballot paper.

    The other is for the County Council elections. Mr Tony Smith is the UKIP candidate and you can vote for him if you wish.
    (Though I’d prefer it if you voted for me!)

  • Hello Chris

    Thanks for the information.

    The trouble here is I feel very strongly about continuing our EU membership. Back in the 70’s, I was one of the ‘NO’ voters in the one and only referendum we have ever been allowed (after Labour went back on their word for a referendum on the EU ‘CONSTITUTION’). Now Chris, I do believe the Lib Dems are very ‘pro’ European Union and I would stress here that I’m not ‘anti-European’ but ‘anti-European Union, there is a big difference. Can you tell me what your Party’s views are on this, or have I got to go to UKIP? It certainly isn’t going to be either Labour or Conservative (or the BNP, scum party, but I think the British people are voting for them as a way of expressing their frustration at being completely ignored and our Britishness being something to be ashamed of and that is dangerous). Everything we do now seems to be governed by Brussels, this was never meant to be, it was supposedly a Common Market (free trading withing Europe). Wait to hear your views.

  • Gloria – if you saw Nick Clegg’s speech today you’ll have seen that we’re pro-Europe because of the big issues which we can’t tackle on our own – like crime, climate change, the credit crunch. International criminals, the environment, trade – they just don’t stop at Calais! We can only deal with these issues if we work with our neighbours. We are pro-Europe – but a reformed Europe which gets on with the jobs that need doing. (And being pro-Europe does NOT man being pro-Union.)

    The Liberal Democrats European campaign website can be found at

  • Sid, I did listen to Nick Clegg’s speech and it has made no difference to me. The ideal of the ‘EUROPEAN UNION’ is all very well but it doesn’t seem to work like that. Far too much has been handed over to the ‘unelected’ in Brussels. Yes, we should all work together with major issues, but when you see our own laws being overruled by these ‘unelected’ and we, the British, meekly obey them whilst our Continental cousins just pick and choose which laws to obey which suit them, there is something very wrong. Sorry Sid, looks like it’s going to be UKIP for me this time round.

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