The Revised Flood Risk Assessment

Studying the new planning application isn’t easy – lots of documents to click on. However this is one of the important ones:

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The very simple summary of this document is below (click on it to enlarge)

flood risk

Here’s a helpful hint to Countryside – meet up with Rawreth Flood Forum, and see if they are OK now with this.

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  • Admin – but have they addressed the following ( original shortcomings ) ? :-

    1.EA Brook data 8 years out of date ( and think about the increased frequency and severity in our area during that time ) plus RDC
    have been crowing about their work in clearing the upstream feeder ditches that = faster flow rates heading downstream now too.
    2. Both Consultee’s ( EA and ECC ) have different design criteria , a recipe for a confused design basis ( think about the adjacent Eon
    site that flooded during construction – which leads to point 3……
    3. A SUDS design is a holistic approach , it relies on all elements of the scheme being in place and functioning ( after proving tests ),
    I see no statement proposing that the whole system is to be pre-installed prior to any house occupations on the site – in fact it is
    quite clear ( “50th / 150th occupations”) they intend a phased habitation of the site , does it explain how a piece meal SUDS system
    will work ?.
    4. The RDC Officers Report included input from the ECC , it states quite clearly that they are yet to be accredited as the Independent
    SAB ( SUDS APPROVAL BODY ) , has that changed ? and if it has will we be their learning curve experience ?.

    I will be reading the re-sub very carefully , and I would ask everybody else to look for these assurances.

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