The Residents Revolt!




Drama in the Council chamber this week, saw both local action groups, “Rayleigh Residents Association” and “The Rochford Supporters” beginning to flex their muscles with the presentation of their respective petitions.

“The Rochford Supporters” led the evening with their petition of a vote of no confidence in RDC. The underlying reasons for this, amongst others, is the lack of an early review of the core strategy as ordered by the Government planning inspector. But why is this significant? A review of the core strategy would include site allocations such as the SER8 site (500+ new homes), that the self-confessed NIMBY’s want revoked, on the basis of the area has reached a critical mass in the demand on its infrastructure & environment. We’re sure the majority of residents in Rayleigh will be able to empathise with their views.

It’s a campaign reminiscent of the thunderous days of “The Rayleigh Action Group” and on the heels of “The Rochford Supporters”, it was time for the “Rayleigh Residents Association” to enter the foray and present their petition against the overdevelopment of Rayleigh.

The debate following these two petitions was far from democratic with any opposition being shut down following the Portfolio Holder delivering their pre-scripted speech. Despite numerous challenges from opposition members, the writing was on the wall for both petitions, with ‘no further action’ being voted through by a Tory majority.

Video courtesy of ‘The Rochford Supporters’

So which of the Conservatives thought that ‘no further action’ should be taken on the ‘vote of no confidence’ petition?


  • Pavelin (Cons)
  • Sperring (Cons)
  • Belton (Cons)
  • Roe (Cons)
  • Merrick (Cons)
  • Wootten (Cons)
  • Shaw (Laureen) (Cons)
  • Smith (Cons)
  • Webb (Cons)
  • Carter (Mike) (Cons)
  • Efdes (Cons)
  • Shaw (Phil) (Cons)
  • Gooding (Cons)
  • Cutmore (Cons)
  • Weston (Cons)
  • Hudson (Cons)
  • Hazlewood (Cons)
  • Ionannau (Cons)
  • Steptoe (Cons)
  • Lucas-Gill (Cons)
  • Williams (Cons)
  • Lumley (Cons)
  • Dray (Cons)
  • Burton (Ind)


  • Cannell (Lib)
  • Stanley (Lib)
  • Newport (Lib)
  • Wilkinson (Ind)
  • Hookway (FOR)
  • Wilson (Green)
  • Hoy (Michael) (Green)
  • Hoy (Diane) (Green)
  • Mason (RDR)
  • Eves (RDR)
  • Carter (Toni) (RDR)


  • Butcher (Cons)
  • McPherson (Cons)


  • Milne (Cons)

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