The Quiz Night




Thanks to everyone who came last night to our quiz night. It was an enjoyable evening , and so many people came that we raised over ?500.

Particular thanks to the Handford family for running the event, and Steve Tellis for his work behind the scenes. And congratulations to the Leigh-On-Sea Lib Dems for being such clear winners.

In case you missed it (shame on you!) , here’s a couple of the questions:

  • Which former Chancellor of the Exchequer had the middle name Winston?
  • What do Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur. Milan and West Ham have in common?
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  • …. and Minnesota is not a city – as per the question concerning the American Football team The Vikings. The city should have been Minneapolis which is in Minnesota!!

    Howver, being a first timer at the Quiz Night I did not want to make too much of an issue LOL!

    My friend and I had a great night and look forward to many more.

  • It was a good night, wasn’t it?

    I’ve never been to a quiz where I didn’t find at least one question that was dubious – but it’s incredibly difficult to make sure that 100 questions are 100% valid and unambiguous.

    I thought Mike Handford did really well – and we’re thinking about possibly doing another quiz in the autumn.


    PS just in case anyone is taking me seriously, I’ve just discovered that St John Lateran is a basilica as well, not a cathedral – but I am right that it’s the Pope’s base as bishop of Rome.

  • I suppose that a ‘basilica’ is, in the true Latin sense of the word, a law court; just a pity then that there wasn’t a question about that! My excuse for not doing better is that I was too busy stuffing my face with onion bhajis.

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