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For those people trying to promote the 3/3a bus service along Rawreth Lane, the following might be worth knowing. Back on October 28 2004, Chris, Ron and Labour Councillor Maureen Vince got the following motion passed by full council.

This motion hasn’t had much practical effect so far, but even so, we think Rawreth Lane is the only road in the district where there is a specific council policy of encouraging a bus service. this might prove useful in the next month or two…

From Councillors C I Black, R A Oatham and Mrs M S Vince. The Proper Officer reported on a Motion received from the above named Councillors pursuant to Council Procedure Rule 12 relating to bus services along Rawreth Lane.

In presenting the Motion, Councillor R A Oatham referred to the last meeting of the Council?s Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee at which the Primary Care Trust had indicated that it was considering the construction of a satellite health facility at the Park School site and that the lack of public transport had been identified as an issue. The Motion was not about diverting bus services from elsewhere, but the introduction of further appropriate


That this Council presses for improved bus services along Rawreth Lane in view of the expected house building, leisure centre, new school building, new medical facilities and new shops

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  • I agree Rayleigh Resident, If you have a car, a bus service every 2 hours isn’t going to tempt you.

    But not everybody has a car, for example I know a lady who lives near you and needs to get one or two buses to see her husband who lives in a care home – this service will be a blessing for her…

    With Asda and the sports centre there’s no reason why this bus service can’t succeed.

  • This might seem to be nit picking, but why does a bus service along Rawreth Lane have to go all the way to Chelmsford? Would it not be more economical for any service to teminate either in Battlesbridge or at Bedloes Corner, where in the early 1970’s it used to.

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